Legacy email builder


MassiveHand Campaign Works™’s legacy builder will remain available as it is part of the Mautic Open Source project. To access the legacy email builder, select a template or theme on the Legacy tab and click Builder. The available themes are written outside of MassiveHand Campaign Works™ and uploaded in Settings > Themes. For more information on creating themes, see developer documentation.

Slot types



A text slot is the most versatile slot type in an email builder. Once you have a text slot in your email, select it to see the WYSIWYG editor on the right.

Text slot

The dialog box includes formatting options. The icons (left to right, top to bottom) represent:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Paragraph format: based on what’s in the theme you’re using
  • Font family
  • Font size
  • Color: Click the droplet icon for text and background options
  • Alignment
  • Numbered list
  • Bulleted list
  • Quote format: indentation
  • Clear formatting
  • Token menu
  • Insert link
  • Insert image
  • Insert video
  • Insert table
  • Code mode
  • View full screen

Tokens in emails follow the format {contactfield=\ *field_alias*}. Find the“field_alias“ by using the menu, or in the Custom Fields section of the Settings menu. If you’re using a company field, still use the same format. MassiveHand Campaign Works™ pulls the data from the contact’s primary company.

To track link clicks for reporting or for decisions in campaigns, use the hyperlink option. Using the shortcut CTRL+K or CMD+K also works. Typing or copy and pasting a URL into the body of the email won’t create a trackable link.

Text slots actually offer more flexibility for images than the image slot. Adding images into text slots, with or without text, is a common task. Click the Image button, to display more options:

Email image options

The first icon is to upload an image. If you’d like to use a URL of an image, select the second icon. Finally, if you’re looking for an image you’ve previously uploaded, the third icon opens the file manager.

Using the video option enables you to include gated video in your emails. If you don’t want to gate the video, paste in the URL of the video you want to use. If you do want it gated, enter the time to wait before a form appears and the form to use. Be sure to test this, as limited space causes forms to display differently in a video than on landing pages.

To make more advanced changes, use the code mode within a text slot. The most common uses for the code mode are:

  • Adjusting colors to specific HEX codes
  • Adjusting paragraph styles and formatting
  • Creating buttons

When finished making changes in the code mode, click the </> icon again to return to normal view before saving. Otherwise, your changes won’t be applied.


After dragging in an image slot, click the placeholder box to find options for the image.


Options are designated by the following icons:

  • Replace: Add or update your image.
  • Alignment: Align the image. The available alignment options are displayed in the Customize Slot section.
  • i: Add alternate text to an image, which is important for accessibility and email delivery. You can use the same alternate text as the name of the image.
  • Size: Change the width and height pixel counts.
  • Link: Use the link icon and add your URL to ensure that the image act as a hyperlink. Additionally, you can configure the link to open in a new tab.

Image Card

An image card is similar to the Image slot type.


The Customize Slot section in the editor panel (on the right) has more options. You can change the text for the caption, change alignment for the image and caption, and change colors for the image background, caption background, and caption text.

Click the Blank placeholder box to find the options to add or replace the image.


A third image slot type. The only difference between this slot type and the Image Card slot type is background colors. The Image+Caption slot type doesn’t include backgrounds.



The Button slot type is the easiest way to add a call to action (CTA) to emails and drive recipients to a certain page.


The Customize Slot area in the editor on the right gives options to change the border radius (curved edges instead of straight), adding custom text and a link, size, position, and colors for the button and text.

Social Follow

With this slot type, you can add links to follow your organization’s Google+, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Add the links for the social profiles to link to.


Code Mode

To create a slot entirely in HTML, drag in a code mode slot and write your code in the editor. You can see the changes in the main preview panel.

Code Mode


A line that separates parts of your email.


Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content enables users to personalize the content of their emails beyond tokens. Editing these slots is the same as editing a text slot, with more options for the content. Rather than creating multiple emails and multiple campaigns to send to different segments, dynamic content essentially segments within one email.

Use the Add Variant button in the top right corner of the editor to build unlimited variants in the slot. Select the filter(s) following the WYSIWYG for the audience you’d like to see in the slot.

Dynamic Content

Section types

Sections are the areas containing one or more slots. You can add sections with up to three columns, and have multiple slots within each section, column, or both.


The Customize Section editor has a handful of options.

Section Editor
  • Content Background Color is for the background within the area where you have content.
  • Wrapper Background Color is for the rest of the background, extending all the way to the edges of the email. To add a background wrapper image, enter the URL of that image in the third box.
  • Wrapper Background Repeat gives you options for how to use background images:
    • no-repeat: image only displays once in top left corner
    • repeat: Repeats in both directions (default)
    • repeat-x: Repeats only on the x-axis (horizontally across the element)
    • repeat-y: Repeats only on the y-axis (vertically down the element)
    • no-repeat: Does not repeat
    • space: same as repeat-x but evenly spaces along the x-axis
    • round: evenly spaces along x and stretches to fill entire y-axis
  • Wrapper background size enables you to determine how large the wrapper is. To have some space above, below, or around the edges of the content, set those dimensions here.

Using legacy templates

To start using legacy templates:

  1. Sign in to your MassiveHand Campaign Works™ account.
  2. Go to Channels > Emails and click New.
  3. Select either a template email or a segment email.
  4. On the Legacy tab, select the in-house template that you want to modify and click Builder.This opens the legacy content editor.
  5. Create/update your template by using the various options available on the properties panel on the right.
  6. In Actions, click Save as template.