Notifying internal team members about new or updated leads

Along with communicating with your contacts, marketing automation to assist organizations with lead management. One of the most popular uses for marketing automation is generating leads. Once you’ve generated, assigned, or updated your leads, use your marketing automation software to inform internal resources. MassiveHand Campaign Works™ enables automated internal notifications in 3 ways:

  1. Campaign action: Send email to user
  2. Form submit action: Send email to user or Send form results
  3. Points trigger: Send an email to user

Creating the notification email

For the Campaign Action and Points Trigger, you must create an email in MassiveHand Campaign Works™ with the key information you’d like to share. With the Form Submit action, MassiveHand Campaign Works™ guides you through creating a text-based email directly within the action. The email pre-populates with the fields for data collected on the form. You can add as many contact and company field values and tokens as you would like. You can still use a custom-built notification email in your Form Submit Action if you prefer.

Here’s an example of the custom internal notification email:

Hello there!

You've been assigned a new lead:

Name: contactfield=firstname} {contactfield=lastname}
Company: {contactfield=company}
Email: {contactfield=email}
Phone Number: {contactfield=phone}
View contact in MassiveHand Campaign Works™ (link)

To include a link to the contact record, add a link to the email with the UR set as:


This must be added as a link, not pasted as text. The text shown can be changed, but the URL in the hyperlink must match the example, using your domain.

Action setup

  • Name: This is your label for the email action (for example: Send Form Results to Team or New Lead Notification).
  • Subject: The subject line of the email.
  • Execute this event: Applicable for campaign actions, this enables you to schedule the email to go at a designed time other than after the form submission or when the point threshold is reached.
  • Send email to user: Select the users you’d like to send the notification to.
  • Email to send: Select the email you’ve created.
  • To, CC, and BCC: If you’d like to send the notification to distribution lists or non-users, add those email addresses here.
  • Send email to contact’s owner: Select Yes to explicitly tell the owner of the contact that something has happened. This can be with or instead of other recipients.
  • Additional options on Send form results action:
    • Reply to contact: Sets the contact’s email address as the reply-to, enabling the notification recipients to reply directly to the contact
    • Send to contact: This sends the form results email directly to the contact. Typically, you’ll select No and send a separate email through a campaign or the Send email to contact submit action
    • Click to insert field: To display certain (limited) fields from the form, click the fields you’d like to include and the form field token is added. This is in place of the Import from existing template option, which is available to select your custom-built email for these notifications

Building an assignment campaign

If you have the fields in place in MassiveHand Campaign Works™ to capture lead ownership or assignments, you can build a campaign to automate the assignment of leads:

  1. Start with the segment of contacts you want to assign.The campaign will send notifications for new contacts added to the segment as long as the campaign remains published.
  2. Add a condition for your assignment criteria
    • The following example uses Region as the criteria
  3. Create an Update contact owner action and add the new contact owner. Owners must be set up as users in MassiveHand Campaign Works™ with contact permissions, even if they never log into MassiveHand Campaign Works™.
  4. Set a Send email to user action.
    1. Use a relative time period of 1 minute, ensuring that the owner update occurs before the email sends
    2. Set Send email to contact’s owner to Yes.
    3. Add any other addresses you’d like the notification to go to (for example: Sales Ops, sales leadership, etc.)
    4. Select the email to send, or create one if you haven’t already.

If you’re assigning leads in an external system, such as your CRM, and passing that information back to MassiveHand Campaign Works™, the notification campaign becomes simpler.

  1. Create a segment of contacts:
    • Filter = Owner not empty
    • Set the Segment as your Contact source for the campaign
  2. Set a Contact owner condition.
  3. Set a Send email to user action.
    • Execute the event immediately, or at a time of your choosing
    • Set Send email to contact’s owner* to Yes
    • Add any other addresses you’d like the notification to go to (such as: Sales Ops, sales leadership, etc.)
    • Select the email to send, or create one if you haven’t already
  4. Add any users who may be assigned as contact owners, and should receive notifications. If you assign junk leads to a generic user, exclude that user so their inbox doesn’t fill up.


This sends notifications about all assigned leads in your MassiveHand Campaign Works™ instance. To send notifications for only new leads, add a filter to the segment for Date Identified and use today’s date as the value.