Uploading your “Do not contact” list

If you are migrating from another system and would like to import a list of contacts who have already opted out of receiving email, use the following process:

  1. Create your CSV file.
    • The file needs to include two columns:
      • Email address: the contact’s email address
      • Do not contact: set the value to yes
    • Save file as a CSV UTF-8 format
  2. Go to your Contacts tab and select Import.
  3. Select your file to import.csv-file-import
  4. Map the correct fields from your file.
    • Map your email address column to the email field within MassiveHand Campaign Works™
    • At the bottom of the mapping page, select the Do not contact field and map it to the one in your file
  5. Click Import.

To view the progress of your file upload, go to Contacts, and then select click Import History from the menu in the upper right-hand corner.